Premenstrual dysphoric what??!

Last year, my friend diagnosed me with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder to laugh off my irrational display of mood swings when that time of the month comes. But lately, I really have been showing signs of this “disease.”

  • Sadness or hopelessness

“I am forever alone!!!”

  • Anxiety or tension

“Got over-taxed and now I have no money to live for the next two months! HELP!!!”

  • Extreme moodiness

“You can go without me. I’ll stay at home, sleep ’til the world ends and noone will care that I haven’t been out during the holidays…yadayadayada”

  • Marked irritability or anger

“What??! No!!! Why would I? WHY DID YOU??!”

Imagine the horror of my friends having to deal with my EXTREME mood swings. One actually said that he can feel my negative vibes from the 23rd floor down to the 17th. No kidding!

But through God who has been my main battling armor in all this unexplained fits of loneliness, I finally woke up this morning filled with so much gratitude. I listed a few:

  1. After Ate Jica left, I never felt totally alone, what with my overloaded schedule for church activities, bonding with workmates and a few visits back home.
  2. Best thing was I found a new buddy at work! Introducing a new character in my blog, VAL NA WALANG MALAY
  3. Also, found a Kuya I might start calling MANONG whom I regularly hitch rides with. Talk about friends with benefits!
  4. Kuya Billy still cooks food for me and NOW, I live with the Kambals so new Kuya’s for me!!! yay!
  5. And FINALLY – Finally! Red Ranger and I have found a common ground in fixing emergency meet ups: the ever trusted COFFEE SHOPS at Ayala!

See, God never let me be alone even though I am single. I have a bunch of friends who truly care for me. And at 20-something-ish, I’m glad that I have this period in my life to build long lasting relationships that will never break up with me just because of measly things like a text or being late on a date.

God is truly awesome!

The Dirty Ice Cream Story

Lumang Tsinelas

Kamusta? Meron akong kwento…🙂

Cue soundtrack: Marc Logan’s Meron Akong Kwento song…


Minsan, may isang bata na ang pangalan ay Potjing. Paborito ni Potjing ang sorbetes.

Isang araw, kinausap siya ng kanyang Ama.

Ama: Anak, aalis muna kami ng nanay mo pero babalik din kami agad. Heto ang bente pesos. Sa’yo na ito. Pero may isa akong bilin para sa’yo: pag dumaan ang mamang sorbetero, huwag kang bibili sa kanya. Maghintay ka muna. Hintayin mo ako.

Potjing: Opo, ‘Tay.

Pagkaalis ng mga magulang ni Potjing, hindi nagtagal ay umalingawngaw na ang pamilyar na kalembang.

Ice cream!!! Sigaw ng puso ni Potjing. Tiningnan niya ang salapi sa kanyang palad. Sapat na ito para makabili ako ng ice cream. Bibili ako.

Akmang tatawagin na niya ang mamang sorbetero ngunit naalala niya ang bilin ng kanyang ama. Sa sandaling iyon ay nagtalo ang kanyang puso at isipan.

Maghintay ka muna… Hintayin…

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Self Check

“How have you been?”

Everyday during my 23-day stay in a foreign land, I was greeted this way by people that were generally taller and prettier than me. They wore sweet smiles and talked in an accent I would familiarize with British people but theirs were slurred with i’s in the vowels. They were white and had eyes and hair in various hues. To the untrained senses, all looked pleasantly beautiful.

Welcome you to the Land Down Under!

As Raquel and I walked along the wintry streets of Canberra to go to work, clad in scarves, beanies, gloves, jackets and boots, we found a daily routine that would mark my first week in my first ever out-of-the-country experience.

I was overwhelmed by how different everything was –the people, the climate, the scenery, the food and the culture. But the girls at Canberra helped Raquel and I to adjust perfectly well in the city. We had made friends with them and by the time Raquel had to leave me to go to Wagga, I already felt at home working within a great team of professionals who were ready to share their expertise with me.

But as the saying goes, those who work hard play harder, Raquel and I didn’t let the first week go by uneventful. We experienced our first snow at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. We were 20-somethings obviously of legal age who shared the excitement of five year olds playing around with snow.

When Raquel finally left, I was given a wide breadth of opportunity to get to know the city and a lot of time to ponder about the changes taking place in my life. Leaving my old job for D&V Philippines meant giving up the secured life I used to have. But by letting God take control of my life wheel, he turned my expectations upside down. Instead of closing off opportunities, he created an overflow of blessings in my life.

On the third week, Nick fetched me to go to Wagga to meet his team and his family. I was warmly welcomed by everyone and as I got to know more about the great people behind the firm, their family and just how the congruent their values are from the Filipino values that we live by, I developed a deeper respect to them. Now it was time to go home.

Back in Sydney and after a day’s worth of tour, my last night was spent looking at the scenic view of the Sydney Harbor as the city lights boast of its character and the building’s architecture spoke of its history. “Kamusta ka?” I asked myself this. A translation of the greeting I’ve long been hearing since I’ve set foot on this foreign land. “I’m good. Thank you!” That would be a normal response but as I pondered on my 23-day stay here in Australia, I was beyond good – I felt great/lovely/fabulous!

More than that, I felt blessed.